A large-scale study has confirmed that alcohol and smoking are the most significant cause of cancer.

A study has revealed the leading cancer-causing factors in the world :

A “huge” research study has revealed that nearly half of all cancers in the world are the result of some risk factors the most specifically alcohol and smoking.

The study, which was published in The Lancet journal “The Lancet” on Friday, April 5th highlighted the importance of taking preventive actions without focusing on them as a way to prevent the disease in its entirety.

“According to our research, 44.4 percent of cancer deaths across the globe… is caused by a measured risk element,” said the study that was conducted within the context of “Global Burden of Diseases…Global Burden of Disease” report.

Many thousands of researchers in many countries around the world participate in the global international research programme “Global Borden of Daisy” that is sponsored through the Bill Gates Foundation and is unrivalled in the size of its participants as per AFP.

The research made it possible to get more details on the risk factors for the geographical regions however, its findings mostly confirmed the information that was known: smoking is the primary reason in creating cancer (33.9 percent) then alcohol (7.4 percent).

The study also called to give a lot in importance to preventive measures in the realm of public health, since some of risk factors are rooted in actions that can be altered or avoided, as per AFP.

However, the majority of cancer cases aren’t attributable to a particular risk factor, which suggests that the prevention system is not adequate.

The researchers of the study concluded that prevention must go in with two other elements, which include an early diagnosis and effective treatment.

Within the exact same publication, The Lancet published an independent statement of two epidemiologists in which they backed these findings, noting in their own words how the research confirms the significance of prevention.

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