French press coffee increases cholesterol?

There are many ways to prepare coffee like boiling, brewing, or filtering. One of these is called the “French Press.” Does it alter the amount of cholesterol in the blood?


What’s French Press coffee?

French piston coffee can be described as a well-known preparation method for coffee that is unfiltered. It is a French presse, often referred to as a press for coffee, is a double-purpose Jug that can be used as both a coffee maker and serving pitcher.


Since French Press coffee uses a built-in piston that separates the coffee grounds from the final brew, there’s no paper filter that can remove coffee bean oils and impurities.


Some coffee enthusiasts believe the absence of a filter can make the coffee taste better.


What does”no filter” refer to in French press coffee?

If you don’t have filters for your coffee, undesirable ingredients could get into the coffee cup.


Unfiltered coffee is a rich source of diterpenes chemical compounds discovered in oils in the coffee beans. This substance can increase the levels that is bad cholesterol (LDL) when you drink non-filtered coffee in large amounts, like French press coffee.


The two major types of diterpenes that are found in the coffee industry are



The presence of cholesterol in the blood increase the chance of heart attack, heart disease and stroke.


Filtering is the best way to ensure that all diterpenes can be separated, however without it the majority of them end to end up in your coffee. The unfiltered beverage has 30 times the amount of diterpene as the filter-filtered version according to Harvard University.


What are the effects of drinking coffee that is not filtered on your health?

A study that was published in the year 2020 in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology examined more than 20 years of data collected from over 51,000 individuals between 20 to 79. Researchers studied those who consumed unfiltered or filtered coffee or both. The study showed that drinking coffee unfiltered resulted in higher levels of heart disease, and even death when compared with drinking filter coffee.


The study also revealed that drinking coffee filtered can be associated with lower death rates as compared with drinking unfiltered coffee.


How much coffee that isn’t filtered can cause damage?

Dietitian Vicky Shanta Ritney tells thehealthy website that it is believed that diterpene has the potential to increase LDL cholesterol levels in those who drink 5-8 cups of coffee that is not filtered each day.


She points out that the highest risk of heart disease as well as death was linked to drinking large quantities of coffee that was not filtered (more than nine cups daily).


Can we quit taking French piston-style coffee?

We’d advise you to:


If you suffer from heart issues or high cholesterol, consult with your physician about what coffees are best for you.

Cut down on French piston coffee, as well as any other type of coffee that is unfiltered like Turkish coffee.

Drink much more coffee filter than other people.

The key is moderation It is not advised for you to drink more than 400 mg caffeine daily, which amounts to 4 cups of caffeine per day, limit yourself to that amount and drink the majority of your coffee “filtered”.


No conclusive evidence

Although this European Journal of Preventive Cardiology study found a connection with filter coffee, and lower deaths, it did not definitively prove that filter coffee is better or healthier than non-filtered varieties.


For those with an antecedent of heart or cholesterol issues, it could be a good idea reduce the amount of French press as well as other coffees with no filtering.


If you’re not suffering from any heart-related problems or high cholesterollevels, and you love unfiltered coffee with no negative consequences, it is able to be consumed in moderate amounts.


General tips for drinking coffee

Make use of the filter

If you are able, select beverages that are filter-filtered (such as pour-over or drip coffee) and save unfiltered coffee for occasions that require it.


Keep track of the levels of cholesterol in your blood.

If you’re a big fan of coffee without filtering, consult your physician to track your cholesterol levels to make sure your cholesterol doesn’t increase to dangerous levels.


Listen to your body

If your coffee causes heart palpitations, anxiousness, or a stomach that is upset These are indications to stop or cut it down.



The study we examined earlier in the Journal of European Medicine Preventive Cardiology Study – showed that those who consumed one to 4 cup of coffee filter a day had the lowest rate of mortality and those who consumed more than 9 cups of unfiltered drink daily were more likely to die.


caffeine time

If you are experiencing problems with coffee that affect your sleep drink the beverage in the morning, and don’t drink it after lunchtime.

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